John Mulry - Dan Kennedy MarketingI’m guessing if you’re on this page you’re hear to find out more about me either because you’ve never heard of me before, you’re a curious critter or you need some information on me for an upcoming interview, presentation or article.

If you’d like to read my traditional “third person” bio you can do so here. There’s nothing wrong with having a bio in third person, it’s certainly professional looking and will read well but let’s be honest more often than not we write those ourselves and we only shine the light on the good things right?

And rightly so. When you’re marketing and promoting yourself, you’ve got to put your best foot forward right?


There’s a link to my traditional bio above but on this page I want to share the real me with you too. Not that anything on my bio isn’t the real me, it is, and there’s quite a lot I’m particularly proud of too.

I’m from Galway, Ireland but currently live in the middle of the gorgeous Irish ┬ácountryside in a small village called Taghshinny in Longford with my girlfriend Jess and our two dogs Sam and Baxter.

So what the hell does a guy living in the middle of nowhere know about helping you attract more clients, referrals and profits? Quite a bit, if I do say so myself ­čÖé

I’m , Dan Kennedy trained, I’ve written and published a few books, one of which was a top a seller and my first which I relaunched in May 2017 made the Amazon #1 Best Sellers List in multiple categories (woohoo right?).

When it comes to helping you with your business, I’ve a number of tools in my arsenal – from my books, to my articles on my blog, to my training programs – one of which is my flagship Expert Authority Formula, which is mandatory if you looking to attract a consistent flow of enjoyable high paying clients (without any of the annoying stuff that holds most people back).

I also offer done for you marketing campaigns, funnels, copywriting and consulting but I’m fairly picky with whom I work with (as should you be). If we’re a right fit for each other fantastic – if we’re not, no problem either.

That’s it for now. I’m working on a “x things you didn’t know about me” post and when I finish it, I’ll post the link here. Thanks for visiting. If this quick introduction hasn’t satisfied your curiosity to who the hell I am you can read my full John Mulry bio here.