In this video, I share how to earn passive income online without the need for a website, product, service, without pestering friends or family and even if you’re brand new…

When it comes to making money online or generating passive income online, there’s a LOT of different options out there. In fact, there are too many options. So I get it if you’re you want to learn how to earn passive income online but you’re confused about what you should do and more importantly what you shouldn’t do. I mean:

  • You can sell t-shirts…
  • You can freelance on Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance sites…
  • You can take those annoying crappy surveys…
  • You can try online trading…
  • You can sell social media services to businesses…
  • You can buy and sell things on eBay or Amazon.


You can do what I do, which is package, promote and sell your information, ideas and expertise.

In actual fact, if you’re interested in finding out how to do that, here’s where you can get a free copy of my book Expert Authority which shows you how to do exactly that.

Anyway, if you’re brand new or you’re working full time or you have a family and you haven’t got a lot of free time I get it if you’re looking for a way to generate some extra money on the side that doesn’t involve much work.

Before I share with you what I believe to be one of the best ways to generate passive income online I want to let you in on a big secret that’ll help you go from just thinking about earning passive income to ACTUALLY earning passive income. Here it is…

In order to earn passive income online, you need to sell something…

No money is made without something being sold. You have to shift your focus from being a buyer to being a seller. Now that doesn’t mean you stop buying, you do wanna be constantly learning and constantly investing in yourself but in order to generate passive income, you have to sell things.

Simple as that…

And the best way to start doing that is by selling someone else’s stuff first…

And the best way to go about this is through what’s affiliate marketing…

Essentially what affiliate marketing is matching up buyers to different products or services that will help them. And you get paid a commission for doing so.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to start earning passive income online.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or you’ve tried to do it in the past and either got little results or no results then here’s a link for a free affiliate marketing bootcamp and course which walks you step by step how to make $3,880 per month as an affiliate in as little as 100 days.

I highly recommend you check out that free training.

Now…There is a right way and a wrong way to do affiliate marketing…

Here’s what I mean. Over the holidays I met up with one of my friend’s Mike, we were in one of my local pubs in Galway, called the Kings Head in catching up and he started grilling me about my online business. You see Mike has been watching me on the sidelines grow my online business, sell my books, courses and training programs online and he finally came out and told me:

He’s starting an online business because he needs to make a second income. He’s sick of his job and wants a way of making a couple thousand dollars online in my spare time.

You see he failed in the past with a lot of different things like online trading, selling t-shirts, he even started an online Shopify store selling jewelry but he had no luck and made no sales.

While we were sitting in the pub having a few pints he asked:

What’s the big secret, what’s the formula for making earning passive income online?

Over the next hour or so I started walking him through my unorthodox formula on how to earn passive income online and when he went home, he was so excited he posted this message in my private online community.

Today I’m going to give you that formula and share two resources you can access for free to help you get started. Still with me? Great. So What’s my unorthodox 3 step formula?

It consists of three words.

  1. Target
  2. List
  3. Offers.

You simply target buyers, get them on a list and make valuable offers to them. And by valuable offers I mean offers that add value to them and to you. Now if you’re thinking this is just too simple, you’re right. Too many people out there try and complicate everything. I like to keep things simple.

I first learned a variation of this from one of my earliest mentors Marlon Sanders. Let me go through each step in a little more detail.

How to earn passive income online step 1: Target Buyers

In order to succeed online, you must first start with WHO not WHAT. Too many people wake up one day and say I want to sell t-shirts or I want to make money online, I want to earn passive income, I want to do this , that and the other. They forget the most important part.

WHO they want to serve, who you want to sell to.

Like I said at the beginning, you can generate income unless something is sold. Always, always, always start with WHO you want to sell to. And always target buyers. The goal is to target people who have a DESIRE for what you’re selling and turn them from a potential customer to an actual paying customer as quickly as possible.

How to earn passive income online step 2: Put Them On A List

Once you know WHO you’re going to target the next step is to start focusing on getting them onto your list. The best way you can do that is by getting them on your email list but there are other forms of lists too.

But let’s keep this simple – start with getting them on an email list so you can start to build a relationship with them and move onto step 3.

How to earn passive income online step 3: Make Offers to Them

The final step of my 3 step formula is to make valuable offers to them. I don’t mean just pitch, pitch, pitch offers, I mean offers that add value to them as well as you. These will be a combination of paid offers (that build your bank account) and free offers (that build your goodwill account).

These type of offers should always bring your leads or prospects CLOSER to their #1 goal.

It really is as simple as that. When I explained this formula to Mike, he was ecstatic, he told me everything was so much clearer now. In saying that, he told me there were three big problems.

He asked me three questions:

1. This seems like work, I want passive income that doesn’t involve a lot of work.

Mike was right, this does take work, it’s not just a case of pushing a button and hey presto you get passive income. But the beautiful thing is, the hard work is done up front first, then the passive income starts. You do the work once and profit from it again and again. Anyone who promises you they can show you how to make passive income without work is probably full of crap.

2. Mike’s second question was: There seems like a lot of moving parts to all of this – is there any tool or resource I should be using to make all of this easier to implement. I told him there was a number of options out there he could use but by far the best value and easiest to use is a software tool called Clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels is the fastest and easiest way to create online marketing systems, and it’s the ONLY all-in-one platform in the entire universe. Other guys might say they’re “all-in-one” but they don’t even come close to ClickFunnels. And I don’t just say that because I use it and I’m offering it… I say it because it’s true.

Here’s a link where you can get a 14-day test drive to Clickfunnels.

It was created first and foremost to make the founder Russell Brunson’s life easier. He didn’t want to get bogged down in tech stuff, or hire an expensive designer, or spend 3-6 months creating a funnel. He wanted something powerful, fast and profitable!

3. The next question Mike asked me was – that’s fine for you John, you have products, you have courses, you have things to sell, what if you’re like me with no product, no offer and you wanted to make money while you’re testing out your ideas? Is there an easy way to implement your 3 step formula while I learn?

This was a great question and I shared with Mike the number one rule with testing out whether or not your ideas will earn passive income. And it’s the rule I shared with you earlier.

If you want to learn how to earn passive income online: sell someone else’s stuff first.

Don’t spend months putting together a product, or course that you think might sell. Sell someone else’s as an affiliate first and you’ll make money while testing out your ideas.

This is what’s called affiliate marketing – you make HIGH commissions promoting other people’s stuff.
Sharing this with Mike got me thinking about all the other people out there in Mike’s boat who want to learn how to earn passive income online but don’t know where to start or don’t know who they want to sell to or have no clue if their ideas or a good one or not.

So I told Mike I’m going to put together a training program on how a launch an online business that generates passive income and he told me he’d be the first to buy it.

But then I remembered about a training that’s already been created by Russell Brunson, one of my mentors and one the best online marketers of our generation. Inside Russell and his team walk you step by step how to go from 0 to making $3,880 a month in as little as 100 days.

Best of all, you don’t need a website, product, list, following, and it doesn’t involve posting links on your social media wall or pestering family or friends to join some shady opportunity…

It’s literally some of the best training on how to earn passive income online.

And it won’t cost you a penny.

The training normally costs $997 but for a limited time, Russell is for some crazy reason giving it away for free.

Here’s a link to the affiliate bootcamp training again.

In fact, one of my clients in my marketing consultancy business paid Russell Brunson $25,000 to learn what he teaches in the training. You don’t have to pay $25,000 – you get it for free.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch when you go sign up below, you’re signing up through my affiliate link so after you register for the training if you decide to use the resources I’ve recommended I’ll make a commission, this is affiliate marketing in action. If you’re still with me I know I covered a lot so I want to do a quick recap.

The 3 step formula on how to earn passive income online is Target Buyers, Get them on a list and make valuable offers to them and the fastest way to get started is by selling something as an affiliate first.

Selling something as an affiliate means you get paid for promoting someone else’s products and in the free ‘retire in 100 days’ training Russell and his team take you by the hand and walk you through how to earn passive income online and how you can earn $3,880 every single month and get your dream car in as little as 100 days.

To get started for free, first, create your Clickfunnels account – and secondly sign up for the free affiliate bootcamp so you can start earning up to $3,880 each and every single month on complete autopilot.
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Thanks for watching/reading!

John Mulry

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