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Hi there, my name’s John Mulry and welcome to www.JohnMulry.com

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for a way to market your business better and you’re looking for more/better leads, customers, clients, referrals and or profits.

To get those you must understand the secret to marketing your business successfully…

What’s the secret?

the marketing triangle

I’m going to tell you today.

There are a lot of people out there that love nothing better to confuse you and make marketing and advertising sound way harder it is.

Marketing your business while not easy is relatively simple.

There are only three steps.

Step 1: The Right Message

Step 2: The Right Market

Step 3: The Right Media(s)

That’s it. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

This is what I do…

I help you put together the right message for the right market and deliver it using  the right media(s).

And I do it in a way that’s a SYSTEM.

You do the work once and you profit from it again and again.

That’s what you should be basing your marketing and advertising on.

Not based on whims, or fads that come and go but based on sound principles of human behaviour and marketing fundamentals. That’s the stuff that doesn’t change.

My belief is that you should look to build systems in your business that are repeatable, scalable and most importantly profitable. By all means no easy task but if you’re willing to put the effort in you will get the rewards.

What to Expect?

On this website (I have a few different ones) you can expect some really in depth, content driven (value add) articles, blog posts, resources (some free, some paid) and more. My goal is to kickstart you into making better marketing and advertising decisions.

Who is John Mulry?

At this stage, we may have just met, you may know me, you may not. I’m from Galway, Ireland. I fell in love with marketing and advertising after starting my business and failing miserably when it came to advertising and marketing. I failed quick and realised that marketing and advertising (and having a product/service worthy of them) was my key to success. Long story short, I immersed myself in marketing and advertising and have learned and continue to learn from the best. People like my mentor Dan Kennedy, GKIC, Jay Abraham, Russell Brunson, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and many many more.

You can find out more about me personally here.

What else do I do?

Quite a lot.

I have a number of books – mainly The Truth!, Your Elephant’s Under Threat and Direct Response with a couple more on the way and I’m the founder of Thanks.ie (a local business marketing software) as well as the Expert Authority Formula (must attend training for business owners who want more clients).

I’m also a Dan Kennedy trained GKIC Certified Business Advisor and run a monthly business group here in Ireland dedicated to helping you maximise the success you achieve in business and in life. I’m biased (again) but there’s no group in Ireland that comes near ours. We might be a small group but it’s the best damn one around.

So where should you start?

Well that all depends, obviously your biggest benefit will come from working with me personally but I also understand if you’ve just landed here out of the blue or by way of an email, promotion or ad that you may want to test the waters first. That’s fine. I’m pretty picky with who I work with too. Have a look around, read some of the articles take action, then come back.

I suggest you start with the articles on my blog, as they will be a great starting point for you.

After that I encourage you to get a copy of my book The Truth! (it’s free you just pay shipping) or get access to my free marketing case study where I walk you through my weird four step process I use to increase advertising response by over 1500%.

Then if you’re serious about getting more clients and if you think that you’ve gotten to know me better I encourage you to sign up for my free live webinar where I’ll finally end the confusion and nonsense when it comes to attracting and converting high paying clients.

I appreciate you for visiting and for at the very least reading thus far. Read the blog posts, leave a comment if you like them or have questions. When you’re ready – take action. You’ll be glad you did, I guarantee you that.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy and remember – EXPECT SUCCESS!

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